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Tuesday, November 9, 2010


While I'm sitting here, waiting for the trailer hitch to finish being installed on my trusty Element, I figured I'd say hello. So, hello! I've wanted to start a blog for a long time, but procrastinated because I was waiting for that lightning bolt of inspiration to hit. You know, that moment where you think "this is it! I'm the best writer EVAR and I will write the greatest blog ever written!". I'm not alone in this, right? But then when you actually sit down and try to start writing, "teh funny" just isn't there. So I'm basically going to dive in head first, fully expecting that there will be a big ol' rock of embarrassment waiting just under the surface to crack my head open. But that's why you're here, right? Nobody can resist a train wreck. How else do you explain the popularity of Jersey Shore?

I wanted to be on the road by now, but as usual, best laid plans and know the rest. The trailer hitch I ordered last week was SUPPOSED to come in last Friday. No hitch. Monday, for sure! Nope. Okay, Tuesday. Really. That left me with exactly today to have the hitch installed and get two new tires on my car before hitting the road. It would have worked out fine, except the hitch (which I'm starting to hate with a fiery passion) wasn't installed by the time I finished with work. I hijacked my car (can I borrow this for a minute?) and took it to get the tires put on, since the other shop wouldn't be able to get to the hitch until later. So thats done, and now I sit. And wait. And wait. I WANTED TO BE ON THE ROAD BY NOW!!

Oh! Where am I going? I'm taking my two huskies up to Bend, Oregon to spend several days with a wonderful friend (love you Chris!). A community of mushers I'm acquainted with is gathering in La Pine for a weekend of beautiful forest trail dry land mushing, so there will be that too. But mainly, it's an excuse to finally get up there to visit Chris and her husband, and finally see Oregon. She's a professional dog trainer, and she wants to learn how to knit. So, she'll help me train my dogs (more on that later) and I'll teach her to knit. I bought her some yummy yarn as a hostess gift, and I'm hoping I can successfully recruit her to the cult of knitting. Come to the dark side! We have yarn and pointy sticks!

Okay, I feel like I'm rambling. Even if nobody ever reads this, I feel better knowing it's out there in the ether. Stayed tuned, there will be wacky road hijinks, I'm sure. It's the first time I'll have driven that far by myself! With dogs! A 17 hour road trip with two huskies? What can go wrong?

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  1. I'm reading! Can't wait for my knitting lesson. Safe travels, Bon-Girl~:)


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