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Friday, November 26, 2010

Cover me, I'm going in!

I can't believe I'm going out on Black Friday. Only for you, yarn, would I risk the roads and the crowds and the lines. Actually, let me amend that statement. Only for you, Yarn Lady, would I venture forth on Black Friday. Not just because I have specific yarn in mind for Christmas projects, and maaaybe it'll be on sale. Contributing factor? Yes. Definitely. But also because you are such a friendly, cheerful place with people I absolutely adore, and I'll take any excuse to go say hi and pet all the pretty yarn. Especially because there is no social knitting tonight. Boo. Anyway, into the fray I will go, and will update later and report any Black Friday craziness I might witness.

I received an e-mail yesterday that made me smile. It was an advertisement for an online yarn store WhitKnits. The subject was "Rainbow Friday Sale!" Yarn is a happy thought. Bright colors, softness, the inspiration and endless possibilities. Yarn=love. Even before I started knitting, I thought Black Friday sounded so ominous. It is. Don't get me wrong. It also made me wonder if it's so dark and evil, why have it? Employees hate it, shoppers love/hate it, why torture everybody? Know what I mean? I guess what I'm getting at is the negative association. Black Friday. The Apocalypse. Doesn't exactly make you feel warm and fuzzy, right? So when I saw Rainbow Friday, I had to smile. Now THERE was a sale I could endorse. It made it seem like they're actually happy to be having a sale! Not like "Macy's Black Friday Sale: we really really don't want to be here, and we really really don't want to be having a sale. Please don't stampede us to death." Go on with your bad self, WhitKnits, good for you.

My Mom wants to go to Rogers Gardens too, which sounds like it wouldn't be too crazy. Hopefully. She'll get dragged to Yarn Lady with me first though, and I'm actually pretty excited for her to see the new store and how much it's changed. Also maybe to meet some of the awesome ladies I'm privileged to knit with. First, my nasty ass needs to shower and get ready, so I'll say goodbye for now. Update later!


I will be wearing my rainbow socks knit from mini mochi. Cause I gotta.


  1. Yup-I am so over the term "Black Friday" Go forth and knit, Rainbow Girl

  2. Yup- as far as I'm concerned, NO sale is worth that amount of stress and hassle, thankyouverymuch. If I need it THAT badly, I'll pay retail.


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