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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Lost in La Pine! Send wine!

No, really.  Leave it to me to get lost in La Pine National Forest, which is HUGE, people! HUGE! They had to send out a search party for me. No joke. I'm going to write an epic, epic post about it tomorrow, but right now (just like last night) I'm literally falling asleep as I type.  But I will finish this LARGE glass of wine. Oh yes, yes I will. And I will sleep like a baby. There is a perfectly rational explanation for why I wound up yelling my voice out, crying, and praying the bears wouldn't eat me or my dogs.  But that will be for tomorrow. In the midst of the pitch black, panic, screaming, and crying, I did however manage to take a picture of how concerned Loki was about the whole situation.

Thanks, Bubba.  You can save me and Rowan from the bears by letting them eat you first. 

Tomorrow, dear reader, tomorrow.  For now, WINE!

and sleep...........


  1. Hopefully knowing "Dog Mom" Barb would come to the rescue (or send out the rescue party) helped a little bit :-) Barb

    Life Through Dogs

  2. It totally did, Barb! I knew I just had to sit my happy ass down and wait. And not get more lost. I'm just glad I had your cellphone number, and a tiny shred of service! I loved your voice mail though "Oh good! They found you!" LOL


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