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Saturday, November 27, 2010

I survived Black Friday and all I got was.....lots of yarn!

I survived! Well, it's past 3:30 in the morning, so that's debatable. Check with me tomorrow, see if I have a pulse. Color me surprised (color? Yarn? Get it?! I slay me....), but traffic and all that wasn't really that bad. It was smooth sailing until we hit Mission Viejo, then SCREEEECH!! Traffic. Mom kept insisting she saw flashing trouble lights up ahead, but I kept trying to reassure her that no, it's just yellow tow truck lights. It's just traffic. We crept along until Lake Forest, and when we arrived at Yarn Lady I held my breath expecting a huge battle for parking spaces. What? Plenty of parking? That's not right.....We walked in the door, and it was bustling but not omigodgetyourelbowoutofmykidney crowded. Mom remarked on how beautiful and well put-together the store is (my reponse: "I know, RIGHT?!"), and I immediately bee-lined for the malabrigo. True to my nature, I kept up a constant running commentary, educating my poor Mom on the virtues and qualities of all the different yarns. Like I really know what I'm talking about. I run my mouth. A lot. I ran into Vickie, a knit-night favorite and a kick-ass woman who anybody would love two seconds after meeting her.

After spending WAY too much time wandering the store and lusting after yarn (Mom even bought some for me to make her a scarf. Handmaiden seasilk, which is the softest stuff you will ever feel.), I harassed the owner, Ginger (who disappeared before I could get a picture- Ginger, I have embarrassing birthday photos and I'm not afraid to use them!), said hi to other knit-night ladies, then escaped before I could do any more damage to my bank account. Okay, yes. I bought yarn for myself. You caught me. But mostly it's for christmas presents for other people! REALLY!! Here's my haul:

Then it was off to Rogers Gardens in Corona Del Mar. Martha Stewart's got NUTHIN' on this place. Yes, it's a nursery, but its mostly famous for its seasonal home decor. During
Halloween, they have the absolute coolest decorations I have ever seen. However, it's Corona Del Mar. Martha Stewart wishes she could afford some of this stuff.

Outside, they had an adorable toy train display that people were clustered around just to stare.

I want this chair.....

And finally, I will leave you with one more photo:

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