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Saturday, January 1, 2011

You know you're getting old when......

You know you're getting old when a day of skiing completely wipes you out. Ugh. I only managed to take one HUGELY SPECTACULAR fall, so yay me! Brandon, his Dad Bill and I were headed down an intermediate slope that was rather mushy and chunky. Moguls too. In the process of trying to avoid other skiers, snowboarders, stray children, etc, I started going waaaay too fast. I couldn't turn enough because of the chunky snow and not wanting to become a human battering ram, and soon enough I was talking to myself out loud "oh Sh*&^!! Oh F*&$%!!!" over and over. Then, my hat slipped down over my eyes. Oh yes, yes it did. That did it. I hit a chunky mogul (not to be confused with a chunky mongol. Atilla the snow-hun.), my right foot flew up, my ski caught, and I FLEW. Literally. Both Brandon and Bill turned around *just* in time to see me pinwheel through the air, one ski flying off in one direction, my poles going who knows where, everything in my pockets flying every which way (including Brandon's new camera), and even my hat wound up back on the slope somewhere.

All I remember is thinking "ooohhhh shiiiiiiiiiiiii*WHAM*". Face-ish first, I think. My teeth cracked together, stunning me, and my right ribcage slammed painfully into the ground. Whoever says snow is soft is lying. LYING!! I laid there for a minute, then Brandon asked if I was okay. I said "give me a sec", and he started laughing. What an awesome boyfriend. He said "Hey! I asked if you were okay first!" Seriously, I needed a minute to self-assess and see if there was any major damage. It completely knocked the wind out of me, and for a moment I thought there might actually be damage to my ribs. It was the kind of stunned where you almost want to cry, like a little kid. You know, where you've been hit so hard, the tears just about come up on their own? But no, I didn't cry. I moaned. "ooooowwwww..." while Brandon unstrapped his snowboard and gathered my things. Bill was trying not to laugh, I know. That's just the way his family works. You fall, you get snow plowed on you coupled with laughter. I adore that about Brandon's family. Fun, tough people. I have no pride left anyway, and learned to laugh at myself long, long ago. I get lost, I fall down, anything that makes me look like a doofus happens on a regular basis. So yes, go ahead and laugh at me. It's okay.

At one point, later in the day, Bill made a point of lagging behind me SPECIFICALLY so he could snowplow me if I fell. He said "Bonnie's gettin' tired! She's gotta fall sometime!" I totally knew it. A couple of times I did actually momentarily lose my balance or hit chunky snow and pinwheel a little bit. I didn't fall though, so Bill zoomed on by, certainly disappointed at the lost opportunity.

Anyway, that was pretty much the most exciting thing about today. The rest of it was awesome skiing, good company, great trails, and a tasty dinner at a local sports bar.

By the way, the embarrassing story I promised deserves only the very best writing, so that will be posted tomorrow. I know, I lied and said I'd write it tonight, but I'm tiiiiiiired! The shower and bed is calling my name, and it's nearly 11pm. Gimme a break. I'm old. ;)

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