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Thursday, January 13, 2011

First things first

Since I got back from Pennsylvania, there's been a generalized blue funk hanging over me. A low-level anxiety that feels like "sh*t needs to get sorted, and it needs it NOW". Projects left undone, personal issues happening, etc. But something I CAN control is my environment. In the crazy, crazy rush before my trip, I left a bazillion pieces of fabric laying around, and a bunch of crap pretty much all over the place. My sewing desk is a complete and utter nightmare. It saps all of my creative energy and pretty much makes me an unhappy Bonnie.

I SHOULD be knitting, I SHOULD be sewing, I SHOULD be doing an unbelievable amount of other things. But instead I'm laying down a ground rule for myself that this sh*t will be organized before I even consider reopening my shop and getting busy with the sewing again. My room is a depressing nightmare and it's dragging me down like the "Beast" in Peter Benchley's novel.

So that's what I'm doing. The bed is currently stripped of linens for laundry, and there's a scary pile of fabric I'm about to tackle with folding and sorting. In order to preserve that teeeeeeeny tiny shred of dignity I have left (use a microscope, put it on 1000x magnification, and you'll see it!) I'm not going to post a before picture. Sorry. But there will be after pictures! Okay, just one before picture because it's so hilarious. Queen Rowan wouldn't even move for the Mount Vesuvius of fabric.

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