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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Where my peeps at?

I started this blog as a way to pay a bit more attention to life, to not let it slip by as quickly as it seems to. It's also a great way to gain perspective on things, organize thoughts, even maybe motivate me to "get out there" more and make a good story out of experiences. I tell myself it doesn't matter if nobody's reading, I'm doing this for me. If I'm completely honest with myself, that's a load of malarky. I'm THRILLED if people are reading. Every comment that gets left gives me a zing of happiness, shows me someone is interested in what I'm writing. It's early days, yes, but it encourages me to keep writing religiously and entertainingly. Which is why it gives me such incredible glee to see this:

All these different countries! Even if it's just a quick click, someone from Germany, or Russia, or even Finland has taken a peek and maybe read a word or two. It sends my imagination spinning off, wondering "who are these people? What brought them here? Did they stick around to read? Did they get a chuckle out of anything I wrote?" Totally makes my day. So if you're one of these wonderful people from a mysterious, faraway country, leave a message! I would love to hear from you. Holla!! (Yes, I'm very down with the slang here in orange county)

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