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Monday, April 25, 2011

We can rebuild her. Better than she was before. We have the technology. Stronger, hair shorter, blonder, cuter.

Can most of you see the new date and title font? That's my handwriting! Isn't it exciting? (Monty Python type "yaaaaaay...") I downloaded an app on my ipad today that's called iFontMaker. You can create your own fonts in your own handwriting (or stylized if you like), then convert then to .tff so you can use it for EVERYTHING! Yeah, that ate up a good couple of hours this past weekend that would have been put to better use. Please tell me you like it! PLEASE?! Otherwise it was all in vain! I'm kidding, really. I found it pretty exciting though. Download here if you want to play too. 

Moving on. Speaking of moving on, I've been trying really hard lately to "walk the walk" instead of just "talking the talk" when it comes to health and wellness.  I'm constantly asking my clients about their water consumption, and asking if they're doing stretches or exercises at home, etc. The water thing isn't a problem for me, though I do always have to remind myself to keep guzzling.  I do stretch my neck and shoulders on a regular basis, but it does little to help with awful neck and shoulder tension which results in daily headaches. Acupuncture helped for a while at the beginning, but I pretty much resigned myself to just "dealing with it". An awful thing for a massage therapist to say, right? Yeah. Hypocrite, right here. But I'm changing that! Really! I've been doing yoga on the wii every day for the past week or so, and I feel stronger already. The pain still comes and goes, but getting stronger is a gradual process. Exercise, stretching, plenty of water, changing postures, it's all going to help. I'll be blogging a bit about the wii progress, since I know some people are interested if the yoga program really helps or not. So far, I like it. I'm a lot weaker than I thought. It feel good to move in new ways though, and I'm consciously trying to relax and meditate while doing it. WELLNESS, dammit! 

Springtime always brings bouts of creativity and inspiration with it, and it's so energizing. This past winter was a really rough one, with lots of turmoil and changes and drama.  I feel like I've come out the other side now though, and the timing with the gorgeous sunny spring couldn't be more perfect.  So, with all this inner change going on, I felt it was time for an outer changes as well.  I've never been very consistent with getting my hair cut or trimmed, so when I decide it's time, I like to see a difference.  Oh boy, there's a difference this time! 

It really does make you feel like a whole new person. So much fun. 

Even my Mii (wii avatar) got a haircut! What do you think? Does it look like me?

Check out the consistency on the wii calendar! I'm really starting to look forward to doing my routine every day. Every few days I'll add more strength exercises and such, so it's gradually getting longer and more difficult, but in a good way. And can I just say, the wii fit is SO JUDGY!! If I ate too much salt the previous day, and didn't drink enough water, the weight can fluctuate by a couple of pounds.  I don't mind so much, it just reminds me to drink more water, but the Judgy McJudgerson wii fit says "Oh! It looks like you gained two pounds since last time! Do you know why?" and it asks you to pick a reason, most of which are being lazy and overeating. I chose "I don't know", because there wasn't an option for "I ate too much salt, okay? It's water retention, you butthole!". There totally should be though. Anyway, yesterday it said "last two times I asked if you knew the reason why you gained weight, you said 'I don't know'. Let's not make it a third, okay?" 

Ummmm...WHAT?! Wow. Tough taskmaster, and so very judgmental! Anyway, it's not about losing weight for me, it's about getting stronger and more flexible and FEELING better. Which I am. So yay me, you can take your "reasons" and shove 'em where the wiimote don't shine. 

I've got to run to work now, so I will wish you all a wonderful day full of wellness and happiness, and don't let the idiot wii fits get ya down. 


  1. ahaaahhhaaaaa that is so funny, about the wiifit... I hate it for that too. I'm about getting stronger and more fit, not about loosing any weight. I just tell it to piss off and keep on working out. Awesome new do as well. always nice to refresh!

  2. I know!! Judgmental bastard! First it tells me "that's normal", then it has the gall to lecture me about a tiny fluctuation? Oh well, I love you anyway, wii fit. It's an abusive relationship.

    And thank you! I love doing something drastic with hair once in a while. It makes life so fun. :D


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