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Sunday, March 20, 2011

One little click is all it takes...please? Be your best friend!

Craft Critique is having a contest on the best tutorial over at their website. I entered my boogie earbuds to win, and I need your help. Follow the link, scroll down until you see this picture: (you can click the pic to go to the voting site)
and click VOTE! 

Even if you're not a crafter, I could really use your help on this. Vote for #33, that's me!  There's a wine bottle gift tag thingee that's kicking my ass right now, and I intend to blast it off the charts. Mwahahahaha! Spread the word, post on your facebook, or twitter, or link on your blog, whathaveyou. Let's obliterate the competition!

So please vote, spread the word, and make me feel awesome. My ego needs it. You wouldn't want to hurt my ego, would you? Poor little ego....*sniffle*


  1. Voted! I hope this help to increase your ego! xDDDD

  2. HAhahaha!! My ego thanks you very much! We'll beat that wine bottle sleeve yet. :) ¡Muchisimo gracias, tenga un buen dia, amiga! Me gusta tu blog (?) tambien. Was that correct?

  3. I voted, too! 41 votes already! Congrats.

  4. Thank you so much Erica! *hugs* I'm tied right now, and I'm curious to see how the next 9 days will go. :)


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