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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Funny thing happened on the way to the blog this evening....

I got sidetracked. *GASP* NO! SAY IT AIN'T SO! Yeah, yeah....shaddup. Happy February everyone! First of all, the very best thing about today:

My quickie one-day knitting project got chosen as a featured knitting project of the month on craftster! YAAAAYYY!!! *kermit-the-frog style with flailing arms*

I won't pretend it's the first time anyone's ever done a project like this, but I did wing it on my own, and the yarn turned out SO perfectly.  I'm going to post a tutorial for it hopefully tomorrow, if you'd like to make some for yourself.  It'll be part photo, part video so it's completely clear. :D

       Everything I want to write about is so ADD all-over-the-place, so I decided to find a couple of pics and such from my childhood awkwardness.  It was exactly what I needed.  After talking with *someone* on the phone tonight, my upbeat, perky mood went poof! and I was left cranky and deflated.  Funny thing about creativity and inspiration (to write, in this case), the tiniest little thing can derail you. Anywho, I plunged into old scrapbooks, diaries, and a few old photos (my Mom has most of them socked away somewhere) and before I knew it I was laughing, gasping, and cringing at my past self with a perma-grin plastered on my face.  Once I came up for air, it felt like I had been on a mini-vacation.  I felt centered again, a little more sure of who I was and who I am.  For better or worse, you're always you, regardless of how you let anyone else make you feel.  You're your own best or worst company, but it's always down to you.  I wish I'd written more.  I wish I'd scrapbooked more.  There were SO many entries where I was too lazy to write about what had happened that day, so I wrote "I'll always remember it anyway".  I don't remember.  There were ginormous milestones in there, big news, big days.  I'm so glad I wrote a few of them down, because they're relevant.  If I could impart one thing to my old self, and hopefully to you out there, it's this: Write.  Write it all down.  You won't remember, so get it down while it's fresh.  It'll give you perspective for the future, new perspective on the past, and hopefully allow you to see things you might not have noticed before.  Here's a few choice things I found to share with ya'll, which I'll go more in-depth with in the future when it's not 10:30pm (I know, I'm such a grandma) and my tylenol pm isn't kicking in and making me all loopy.

I guess I didn't start off totally awkward, here's the proof:Okay, maybe a little awkward....Our first sheltie, Lady. Look at those bat ears!
Best picture of me ever. Hands down. EVER.

Tomorrow I'm going to continue this little trip down memory lane, because it just gets funnier and more awkward as time goes on.  Sooo tired. Plus, it's always good to end on a high note, right? Look how cute! Awww, pinchy pinchy chubby baby Bonnie cheeks!


  1. Top photo, TOTAL derpage....just sayin'. You know I love you!

    -yer seestor

  2. you are so adorable! awesome project~

  3. You want a derp war, dear sister? You got one! Stay tuned folks, for Pruitt family photo derpage warfare!

    Thank you, Gypsyheart! I'm doing a tutorial this morning on how to make those, if you're a knitter. :)


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