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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Thrive, little buddy, thrive!

After I got home from my sockaholics club meeting at The Yarn Lady, I greeted the dogs and settled in to watch a movie.  During a pause in the movie to get some food, I noticed a clump on my carpet, presumably a wad of plant matter Rowan has a tendency to eat and gag up. Yuck. I gingerly picked up a part of it with two fingers, then shrieked when I discovered it wasn't a clump of plant matter, it was a featherless baby bird! EWEWEWEWEWEWEWEWEWEWEWEW!!! I squealed like a little girl all the way to the outside garbage can, doing the "icky icky" dance the whole way. You know the one. When I came back inside,  Mom said "there's another one! It's still alive!" Sure enough, right in the center of Seamus's doggy bed was a peeping baby bird, complete with pinfeathers and everything. I carefully scooped him up and took him outside, seeing if I could find the nest in our ficus tree.  My sister's fiancee even took his flashlight up into the tree (he's a tree doctor, and part, seriously!) to see if he could find the nest. What the heck were we going to do with a baby bird? He didn't have any luck, which left me struggling with what to do.
     I emptied out a box, bundled up a pillowcase with some tissues, and made him a little nest. Mom mentioned something about keeping him warm, so I grabbed my hot water bottle and filled it up and set that underneath the fabric.  Some quick googling told me what to feed the little tyke, but he didn't seem too interested other than nomnomnom'ing his beak a few times with some bread soaked in sugar water. He settled down to go to sleep (presumably), and he's still alive and breathing. I left him nestled in his makeshift home for the night, and I'm praying he makes it through so I can figure out what to do with him tomorrow. Here's a pic I snapped:
Any idea what kind of bird he could be? Finch?
Many years ago I took a couple of years of ROP animal care and was going to go into animal care, but that was back in high school. There was lots of volunteering for shelters and rescues, but I didn't get a heck of a lot of experience with birds. Can anyone tell me anything? Help!

Edited to add: That same night, my sister called me and told me she has a friend who rescues baby birds all the time. I was SO relieved, and thought my little friend would be in better, more experienced hands. She came home, we refilled the hot water bottle for the journey, and she immediately brought him to her friend. I need to ask my sister for an update on how he's doing, but as far as I know he's thriving. Happy ending! Yay!


  1. EWWWW on the naked baby bird!!
    Tho I like birds usually, mostly because they're actually dinosaurs (just evolved a bit...)!

  2. Yeah, I didn't even want to take a photo of the one that didn't make it. I'm just surprised my huskies didn't completely eat it. As far as I know, my little buddy in this post is doing fine with my siser's friend who rescues birds. I'm going to write an update this morning, and also cover the awful plagiarizer too. Good to see you here! :D


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